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Student Services

Professional Year (PY)

The Professional Year Program (PY) is a well-structured program that focuses on the professional development of aspiring learners by providing them with sufficient practical training and introducing them to a future career path.

This program not just offers practical skills but also provides international students with real exposure to the work culture of Australia.

Professional Year Programs (PY) are planned specifically for students who wish to apply to Australia for permanent residency. 

Through study and work experience, they encourage students to learn industry-specific skills, preparing them for technical careers in the Australian workforce.

There are 3 variations to this program- 

I)    Accounting Professional Year Program
II)  Engineering Professional Year Program
II)  IT Professional Year Program


To apply for this program you must hold-

A Skilled Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485), which allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months after the completion of your degree. To be eligible for this visa you must be under 50 years of age, should have completed an eligible qualification within the last six months as a result of at least two years of study in Australia and possess the skills and qualifications required for a job listed in the Skilled Occupation List.
Acquire at least 2 years of degree in engineering, computer science, accounting or a related field from an Australian Educational Institution.
You also need to prove your English language proficiency like IELTS/ PTE.
You may/must possess a valid skilled assessment from either of the relevant assessing bodies (ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA).


NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, and is responsible for setting and maintaining high national standards for language practitioners in Australia. It is the only organization authorized by every state of Australia to issue certification for translators and interpreters wishing to provide professional language services in Australia. They issue certification to practitioners of common languages and recognition to language practitioners for rare languages (for more information, see Types of Certification below). The organization is present across every state and territory in both Australia and New Zealand. 

If you choose a boarding school for your child in Australia, the yearly cost can range from $11,000 to $22,000.

Similarly, other approximate weekly costs include:

  • Gas and electricity – $10 to $20 per week
  • Groceries and eating out – $140 to $280 per week
  • Phone and Internet – $15 to $30 per week
  • Public transport – $30 to $60 per week
  • Private car – $150 to $260 per week
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150 per week

Skills Assessment

Students nowadays want to explore more and are passionate about their dreams, and careers. To get the most out of it to prefer abroad study. For an international student to study in Australia, there are some basic requirements set by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. We have mentioned our step-by-step procedure of application.

  1. Counseling about the programs and educational institutes providing the selected program
  2. Pick the most suitable program of your interest
  3. Apply for an offer letter in that educational institute
  4. After you get the offer letter, accept or deny
  5. If accepted, make the program fee payment
  6. Receive Confirmation of Enrollment
  7. Medical test to be eligible for Overseas Student Health Cover
  8. Visa Processing
  9. Visa outcome

IELTS and PTE preparation

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a paper based whereas, Pearson Test of English (PTE) is computer based English proficiency testing system, required for International students for Australian student visa and migration applications. In order to enroll and for further information Contact Us.

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC)

OVHC is similar to OSHC but instead it covers medical cost of visitors coming to Australia for business or travel purpose. Allianz Care Australia OVHC, Bupa and IMAN are some OVHC service providers in Australia. For further information please visit the Department of Immigration & Border Protection website or Contact Us.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC is a health insurance that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires overseas students to maintain for the duration of time they are in Australia. Allianz Care Australia OSHC, Bupa and Nib are some OSHC service providers in Australia. For further information please visit the Department of Immigration & Border Protection website or Contact Us.

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