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How to Meet the Australian Student Visa 500 Requirements?

May 14, 2024
By MaxiMax
Student Visa 500 Requirements

For those seeking excitement overseas, Australia offers endless opportunities. However, meeting the necessary visa requirements to enter this country requires careful attention and diligence. Do not worry - with a well-thought-out plan and determination, your objectives are still achievable.

Applicants must adhere to the Immigration Office's specifications in order to be eligible for a visa subclass 500.

What is Student Visa 500?

The Student visa (subclass 500) enables you to stay in Australia for a maximum of 5 years to pursue full-time studies at an educational institution, based on your enrollment.

This visa allows you to participate in an approved course of study, include family members in your application, apply online from within or outside Australia, and work up to 48 hours every two weeks once your course commences.

Master by research and Ph.D. students have the option to work full-time, while all students can work full time during school holidays.

Checklist for Student Visa Subclass 500

  1. Personal Documents
  2. Certificate of Enrollment(CoE)
  3. Genuine Student Requirement
  4. Health Requirements
  5. Health Insurance (OSHC)
  6. Character Certificate
  7. English Language Certification
  8. Evidence of Financial Stability

Aspiring students need to ensure they have all the required documents for Student Visa Subclass 500 in order to avoid compromising their career prospects. Here is a comprehensive list of documents to facilitate a smooth visa application process.

1. Personal Documents

The students need to provide the following documents as evidence for their identification and departmental verification:

  • Birth Certificate
  • The main page of the passport, along with any pages containing entry stamps from previous visits to different countries.
  • National Identity Card

2. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

The Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 mandates that international students must be enrolled in an approved course at a CRICOS-registered institution.

When applying for this visa from outside of Australia, all students need to present a Confirmation of Enrolment for their intended courses. If applying within Australia, submission of a CoE or offer letter for the intended courses is required before the visa can be granted.

Students are not required to present a CoE in the following cases:

  • For students sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, they must submit a letter of support.
  • For students sponsored by the Australian Department of Defence, they must also provide a letter of support.
  • Secondary exchange students need to supply an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student form.
  • Postgraduate research students who need to stay in Australia for thesis marking should provide a letter from their education provider.

3. Genuine Student Requirement

The Genuine Student(GS) requirement for international students aims to identify students with situations that demonstrate a sincere desire to pursue high-quality education in Australia, without indicating any intention to migrate in the future.

Fulfilling the Genuine Student Requirements involves visa applicants addressing the following points and providing supporting documentation to validate their claims:

  • Their current circumstances in their home country
  • Their anticipated circumstances while in Australia
  • The significance of the course to their future
  • Their immigration history
  • Any other pertinent factors

4. Health Requirements

International students applying for the Student Visa Subclass 500 must undergo a medical assessment by Australia's visa department.

As part of the application process, every student must submit a health certificate to demonstrate their good health and absence of risk to public safety in Australia.

It is compulsory for international students to participate in necessary health examinations and provide the obtained certificates confirming their well-being and non-threatening status while residing in Australia.

The Student Visa Subclass 500 application outlines all required medical examinations during the stay in Australian territories.

5. Health Insurance (OSHC)

It is essential for international students planning to study in Australia to have a suitable health insurance plan. This student health insurance policy, known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), covers medical and hospital expenses during their stay.

International students can purchase this mandatory coverage from an approved provider in Australia to meet the visa requirements.

Students enrolled in courses lasting three months or less may obtain a tourist visa and private international student insurance for that specific duration.

6. Character Certificate

A Character Certificate is necessary for every applicant to submit to the Visa department in order to obtain approval for an Australian Student Visa Subclass 500.

The character certificate serves as evidence that the student has a clean record and is considered suitable for an Australian visa, posing no threat to society during their stay.

7. English Language Certification

Australia mandates international students to be proficient in the English language. As a result, individuals applying for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 must satisfy the English language criteria by providing a valid certificate from an approved English test. This document holds significant importance in obtaining approval for the visa and may have varying requirements based on the student's country of origin.

Language Test Providers Minimum Acceptable Score
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.0
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 46
Cambridge English Advanced Certificate 162
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) 42
Occupational English Test B for each tested aspect

(Please note that English Language Certification is different for different countries and the score requirements may vary as well. Please contact us to know more.)

8. Evidence of Financial Stability

Australia is unique in that it sells Education rather than commodities. A large number of students apply to Australia annually, especially from Asia. As one of their primary imports, students need to show proof that they can sustain themselves in the country. Hence, the government has declared that incoming students must be able to show their financial stability.

You need to show that you can cover your:

  • Travel expenses
  • Living costs for 12 months for yourself and your family members who are coming with you
  • 1 Year Tuition fees
  • Educational expenses for any children of school age.

Alternatively, you can provide evidence that your spouse or parents are willing to support you and have a specific minimum yearly income.

(Please note that details of Evidence of Financial Stability vary as per country. Please contact us to know more.)


By systematically but flexibly addressing the necessary conditions, individuals can overcome obstacles that stand in the way of realizing their dreams in Australia.

With patience and a proactive attitude, challenges become stories of perseverance. Australia eagerly awaits those who are preparing to embark on a journey of adventure and contribute to the community while making the world a better place together.

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