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Stay Healthy, Focus on Studies: Understanding OSHC for International Students in Australia

Studying abroad comes with excitement, but prioritizing your health remains paramount. Unlike Australian residents covered by Medicare, international students require a separate health insurance plan. Here's a breakdown of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), your essential healthcare companion in Australia.

Understanding OSHC: Your Medical Safety Net

OSHC is a mandatory health insurance policy designed specifically for international students in Australia. It provides financial support for medical and hospital expenses incurred during your stay. Having OSHC ensures peace of mind, knowing you'll be covered in case of accidents or illnesses.

Eligibility and Duration:

To be eligible for medical expense coverage, purchasing OSHC is a prerequisite. The policy should cover the entire duration of your academic course, including any dependents accompanying you.

For programs lasting three months or less, a tourist visa paired with a private international student insurance policy that covers that specific period might suffice.

Remember, OSHC isn't just about visa requirements; it's an investment in your well-being. By prioritizing your health, you can focus on achieving your academic goals with confidence.

Ensuring Your Wellbeing: What is OSHC?

Studying in Australia necessitates covering medical and hospital expenses beyond tuition and accommodation. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) serves as your essential health insurance plan during your academic journey. Both you and any dependents require OSHC coverage.

  • Single vs. Family Coverage: A single policy suffices for individual applicants, while couples or families will need a "couple" or "family" plan, respectively.
  • Approved Providers: It's crucial to select your OSHC from a government-approved health insurer.

Expert Guidance for Choosing the Best OSHC

At Maximax, we understand OSHC can be overwhelming. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the application process and help you find the most suitable health cover that aligns with your needs.

Understanding OSHC Coverage:

While OSHC covers medical and hospital expenses, it excludes general treatments like optical, dental, or physiotherapy. For these areas, consider purchasing OSHC Extras, which can be obtained through your OSHC provider or an Australian private health insurer.

COVID-19 and OSHC: Rest assured, OSHC covers COVID-19 related illnesses, primarily those categorized under lung and chest, kidney and bladder, and dialysis for chronic kidney failure.

Don't Wait!

For expert advice and to secure the OSHC policy that best protects your health and well-being, contact our consultants today. Remember, prioritizing health is an investment in your academic success!


Understanding the healthcare landscape as an international visitor or temporary resident in Australia can feel complex. This guide clarifies the differences between OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) and OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover).

Understanding OSHC:

  • Who Needs It: Mandatory for international students pursuing studies in Australia.
  • Coverage: Provides financial support for medical and hospital expenses during your academic program. Think of it as essential healthcare insurance for students.
  • Duration: The policy must cover the entirety of your academic program, including any dependents accompanying you. Pre-purchase for the entire duration is required.

Understanding OVHC:

  • Who Needs It: Applicable to various visa categories, including visitor visas, working holiday visas, bridging visas, and some working visas (Subclasses 482, 485, 408 etc.). Recent international graduates transitioning from Student Visa (Subclass 500) to a Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) will also require OVHC.
  • Coverage: Offers financial support for medically necessary hospital admissions and a portion of doctor's fees. Unlike OSHC, OVHC allows you to purchase additional general treatment cover for services like dentists, optometrists, and physiotherapists (you'll likely cover a portion of the cost). Limited pharmaceutical coverage may also be included, depending on the specific policy.
  • Cost and Payment: Costs vary based on the policy's benefits and eligibility criteria. Unlike OSHC's pre-purchase scheme, OVHC allows for monthly payments.

Choosing the Right Cover:

Selecting the most suitable health cover hinges on your visa type and desired level of coverage. Consult our experts today to identify the OSHC or OVHC policy that best aligns with your specific needs and visa requirements.

Remember: Prioritizing health insurance ensures peace of mind and a worry-free experience during your stay in Australia.

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