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May 10, 2024
By MaxiMax

International students may find it beneficial to pursue nursing studies in Australia for several reasons. The country is renowned for its top-tier education system and prestigious universities, which provide exceptional nursing programs. By studying nursing in Australia, students can acquire valuable skills and knowledge within a diverse and multicultural setting.

Australian universities are internationally renowned for their nursing programs. In 2022, Australia has been recognized as home to 11 of the top 50 institutions in teaching nursing according to the QS World University Rankings. The healthcare sector in Australia is rapidly expanding due to an aging population, resulting in a growing demand for healthcare services.

Nursing is a highly sought-after profession due to its stability and rewarding nature, providing nurses with strong job satisfaction from helping patients. Nurses play a diverse role in patient care during challenging times while requiring skills such as compassion, effective communication, and theoretical and practical medical knowledge.

Studying nursing offers the advantage of easily finding employment opportunities not only in Australia but also around the world.

Overview of Nursing Degrees and Specializations:


Degree Type Duration Specialization Course Fees
Bachelor of Nursing 3 - 4 years General nursing, Mental health nursing, Pediatric nursing AUD 25,000 - AUD 30,000
Master of Nursing 1 - 2 years Critical care, Oncology, Midwifery, Community Health AUD 40,000 - AUD 50,000
Diploma of Nursing 18 - 24 months Enrolled nursing, Rehabilitation nursing, Geriatric nursing AUD 12,000 - AUD 15,000

Nursing Courses in Australia

Diploma of Nursing / Certificate IV

You can start your career in the healthcare field and gain the necessary qualifications to become an Enrolled Nurse in any part of Australia by completing either the Diploma of Nursing or Certificate IV of Nursing. This program typically spans 18 - 24 months and provides you with the essential knowledge, competencies, and skills required for registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Upon completion, you will have opportunities to work in diverse nursing environments and pursue further studies towards a Bachelor of Nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing

The Bachelor of Nursing program equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to excel as a proficient registered nurse in the Australian healthcare sector. The curriculum focuses on delivering top-notch nursing care across various environments while fostering ethical, analytical, and innovative thinking. Additionally, it enhances abilities in assessment and clinical decision-making, professional communication, cultural competence, diversity awareness, research techniques, and utilization of modern technology.

Master of Nursing

If you are prepared for advanced study and seek the essential expertise to equip you for advancement in your desired area, whether it be in a clinical or research capacity, then the Master of Nursing program is suitable. It caters to individuals who aspire to work across various specializations and healthcare settings.

Master of Nursing

Applicants usually need to possess an accredited degree or similar qualification and should be licensed nurses in Australia. Those who are registered as nurses in a country other than Australia typically need to have an approved degree or equivalent qualification.

Master of Nursing Science

Applicants are usually required to have a bachelor's degree in any field, or its equivalent, obtained within the past ten years from the date of application. Alternatively, applicants may hold an older bachelor's degree and demonstrate current readiness for graduate study through recent postgraduate education or five years of relevant work experience.

Master of Nursing Practice

This program provides an initial nursing qualification for those with a non-nursing background, rather than being a postgraduate option for current nurses looking to advance their practice or pursue research.

Nursing Career Opportunities

Nurse Researchers

Nurse researchers are employed in hospitals, medical clinics, and research labs where they conduct studies at the nursing level. They design and carry out their own research projects, analyze data, and share their findings through publication. The valuable data they gather is utilized to improve patient care and support the work of other healthcare providers.

Registered Nurses (Mental Health)

Registered midwives are healthcare professionals with the necessary qualifications to provide support, care, and advice to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period. They have expertise in the birthing process and can handle challenging situations while also providing education and counseling for women, families, and communities. Additionally, they are capable of administering emergency procedures when medical assistance is not available and caring for newborn infants.

Registered Nurses (Anaesthetic)

Anaesthetic Registered Nurses primarily administer anaesthesia before surgery and attend to a patient's healthcare requirements prior to the administration. This involves explaining potential anaesthesia effects, monitoring vital signs during the procedure, and overseeing recovery from anaesthesia. They collaborate with surgeons, dentists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the safe administration of anaesthesia.

Registered Nurses (Paediatrics)

Paediatric Registered Nurses possess the specialized expertise and technical understanding required to provide care for newborns, infants, and children in various clinical environments, including intensive care units and special care nurseries. They administer interventions, treatments, and therapies such as medications while monitoring responses to these treatments and care plans.

Registered Nurses (Surgical)

Surgical Registered Nurses deliver nursing assistance to patients with injuries and illnesses necessitating surgical procedures.

Registered Nurses (Disability and Rehabilitation)

Registered Nurses specializing in Disability and Rehabilitation offer nursing support to patients as they recover from injuries and illnesses, while also helping individuals with disabilities live more self-sufficiently.

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