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College, University Admission

Australia has a very flexible visa policy, and not only for international students but also for various other types of visas, including post-study work visas. It provides two to four years of post-study work (PSW) visas to its international students to gather experience and horn their skills. Thus it can be considered as one the best and lucrative opportunities for any international student.  

College and University Admission Requirements for Australia

Academic Requirements

Academic requirements for studying in Australia vary according to study programs and levels. For each course, international students will need to meet a satisfactory level of English language efficiency.  For most of the universities, a minimum academic record of 65% in higher secondary and 2.5 GPA in bachelor’s degree is required. 

Foundations and Diploma programs are available for students who have secured below 65%.

The student should have completed 18 years of age before joining a degree program.

Documents Required for College and University Admission

  • Attested copies of mark sheets of class X, XII, and the Bachelor’s degree (if applicable);
  • At least two academic reference letters from your teachers/professors who have taught you most recently;
  • If you have work experience, then two letters of recommendation from the employer/manager who knows you well and can comment on your professional abilities;
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP); 
  • Resume;
  • Xerox copies of IELTS / GMAT / TOEFL score reports.
  • Portfolio (in case of Students applying for art and design courses & architecture programs)
  • Others (certificates / achievements at the state and national level and extra-curricular activities);
  • Proof of funds.

Requirements for Australian Student Visa Application

To attend a University or college in Australia, you will need a student visa. Following are the requirements for the application purpose:

  • Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you arrive Australia
  • Non-immigrant Visa Application
  • Application fee payment voucher
  • Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Certificate (eCOE): To obtain an Australian student visa you must be fully enrolled in an Australian college or university and receive a “Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)”. These forms are issued by the Australian institution you will be attending. The forms are usually issued after the tuition fees have been received;
  • Acceptance letter from your attending university includes the proposed study plan;
  • Letter from your current institution confirming status as an International Student;
  • Overseas health insurance receipt and
  • 2 or 4 passport sized photographs.

Note: During the personal interview, additional documents may be requested to prove academic or financial status -

College and University Admission Process 

Following are the basic college and university admission process for Australia:

  • Choose Your Course and College;
  • Submit Your Application;
  • Application Processing by Colleges/Universities;
  • Receive offer letter from your college;
  • Join Your College;

Popular Colleges and Universities in Australia

  • Sydney City College of Management
  • Swinburne University
  • Wentworth Education of Higher Education
  • Australian Capital College
  • The Institute of International Studies
  • Australian Ideal College
  • Abbey College
  • Accountant Resource Centre
  • Institute of Further Studies
  • Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology
  • Southern Academy
  • Frontier Training and Technology
  • Victoria University
  • Institute of Health and Nursing Australia
  • Southern Cross Education Institute
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